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In Greek Mythology the Muses were the inspirational Goddesses of literature, science and the arts.

There were nine Muses; their names included Clio, Calliope and Thalia. These mythological women were much admired and many of the great thinkers and artists of ancient times built shrines in their honour, seeking or thanking them for their inspiration.

Each muse had a dedicated domain. There were muses for poetry, history, dance and comedy – which amazingly are among my favourite things.

My musings won’t be as lofty as the great thinkers of yesteryear – one would never be so presumptuous! I will however look for ideas among my many travels and from this little box of cards – Travel Stories – and see what comes up. The cards, a gift  from a much-travelled friend, will act as my muse.  Nonetheless, I’m hoping the goddesses responsible for Music, Song and Lyric Poetry (her name’s Euterpe and all three areas are her domain) and comedy (that’s Thalia) will be on my side.



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